How do I report sharps/needles/syringes if I find them?

Call Portland Metro at (503) 234-3000 between 8:30 am and 5 pm Monday through Saturday. They will send personnel to pick them up. You can also report it online at: Downtown or near the Portland City Center?

Call Downtown Clean & Safe at (503) 224-7383 or the Police Public Safety non-emergency number at (503) 823-3333 to coordinate pickup of the needles.

Thank you for making our streets cleaner and safer!

How do I report illegally dumped items (mattresses, couches, etc.)?

Illegal dumping may be reported to the RID (Regional Illegal Dumping) Patrol online at: The Portland Reporter is another tool to report illegally dumped items. You can submit reports with relevant images.

What equipment do I need to clean up litter on my own?

Purchasing your own trash grabber will allow you to pick up around your neighborhood whenever you want. We suggest buying a durable industrial grade tool to make the job safer and easier.

A pair of gardening gloves, bright clothing that makes you easily visible to cars and a trash bag are all you need.
Detrash Portland will have all of these items available at all of our group cleanup events.

Can I report litter and dumpsites to SOLVE?

Fill out a form here to report litter to SOLVE.